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Importance of an Event Coordinator for Your Event

Once you decide to sign up for any one of our event packages, you will also get access to the services of an event coordinator. This is quite beneficial as it ensures that the event will run efficiently without any hitches. Essentially, the coordinator will be able to turn your unique requests for your event into an actionable plan that will be implemented for the success of your event. That is why it was important to us to ensure that most of our packages come with this essential service included. Here are some of the benefits of having an event planner for your event.

One of the main benefits that an event coordinator guarantees is the fact that they are able to listen to your needs and then offer professional recommendations. As these professionals usually have an extensive experience in event planning, they are able to suggest the best plan for your event while accommodating all your requests. Furthermore, they can help organize the event and give you a status report of what exactly is happening at a certain time. This means you get to enjoy your event without having to be bored by the incessant planning that is needed for a successful event.

An event coordinator manages all aspects of your event and deal with most respective vendors to ensure that your event runs on schedule and smoothly. Having a logistical coordinator helps to ensure that whatever timeline you set is strictly adhered to. This means that if you expect to start your event at a certain time, the event coordinator will ensure that everything is prepared ahead of time. This way, by the time guests are arriving, everything is already in place. This is quite crucial for a successful party, and the last thing you would want are guests arriving at your party only to find that you are not yet ready.

The fun part of your event does not only have to be when the party gates open and your friends have arrived, as it can also include the planning process. The main thing that makes people dislike the planning process of any event is that it requires lots of attention to detail. By having our event coordinator by your side as you plan your event, you will be able to delight in both the main event and also the planning process. The coordinator is able to fine-tune your visions for the event in order to create a memorable party.

Who said organizing parties cannot be fun? Our event coordinator for most unique packages will ensure that this process is a delight by listening to your needs and addressing them. This is just like having a good negotiator by your side that will ensure you get value for the money you spend.

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Our Awesome Clients

  • Nice work . . . Both audibly, and visually!

  • Simon I want to take a moment and thank you for the great work you did at Noah’s baptism on Sunday indeed it was a great success, I have to say I admire your dedication, your attention to detail, and planning you definitely did an incredible job and look forward to seeing you in the future. Much success!! The Alves family.

  • Simón Thank you for your great Job,everybody liked your music and your way to entertain my guests! Thank you !

    The Chang Family
  • Thank you to Capital Mobile Entertainment for their DJ services at Cruise Night tonight! They were very professional, had a great variety of music, and catered specifically to our needs! They are highly recommended for any of your upcoming party needs!

    Borough of South River
  • The entertainment was LEGENDARY thanks to Simon at CAPITAL.

  • Simon Do Porto Catarino you did such an amazing job! we were honored to have you DJ her party, and have you show everyone what you now have to offer!

  • You rocked that shit bro ! After seeing you DJ live like that I really want you to DJ my wedding, best DJ performance I’ve seen, hands down !

  • Capital Entertainment Personnel were very professional, engaging, flexible and fun. Those who attended this event had stated that C.M.E. made their experience extremely enjoyable and memorable.

    Saint Mary of Ostrabrma
  • Thank you for the wonderful job you did as our DJ. All of our guests had a blast, and you were a big part of the reason why. (Many of our guests specifically said so!) You did a fantastic job of keeping the crowd dancing, setting the perfect mood with the right mix of songs, as well as playing our personal favorites and anticipating songs we would like.” I’m happy that my son’s christening was a great time. All the songs and games you played especially for the kids was great. Everyone had a great time and it couldn’t have happened without you and your team. This is the second time I had you DJ for my kids christenings and I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. I loved that we met a few times to review everything and make sure we were on the same page with what music to play and not to play. I am one happy customer and a continuous client who will always use Capital Mobile Entertainment for any up coming events.

  • Simon was amazing. Everyone had a fabulous time. Thank you so much for everything. I will definitely be call again.

  • Capital Mobile did an awesome job at our wedding. He had everyone on the dance floor dancing all night long. Our guests had such a great time that they still talk about. A couple years later I booked them for our daughters baptism and it was another great success. Thank you for a wonderful time!

  • If you need an awesome Dj for a party call Capital Mobile Entertainment. They did a great job at my Daughter’s Sweet Sixteen.

  • A HUGE thank you to Capital Mobile entertainment for an amazing engagement / housewarming party!! Not only did you make my party one to never forget by family and friends, but even our neighbors came outside to dance to all your custom mixes! You entertained every age group. I can’t thank you enough! I would recommend anyone looking for a professional Dj, that wants a up-beat unforgettable time to contact Capital Mobile for your next event ! Thank you again !!

  • I would like to thank Capital Mobile Entertainment (Simon) for the wonderful entertainment and professionalism that was provided for my 50th birthday party. It was such a memorable day thanks to the entertainment. Everyone had a blast dancing and you were so creative in finding unique songs that fit the occasion smile emoticon I love the picture montage that you did and am thankful i have the photos and memories of my special day. It woulldn’t have been the same without you and your co. Thanks so much again, and if anyone is looking to have a great party, your name will be given to them.

  • Thank you Capital Mobile Entertainment for a job well done, great entertainment (music) and professionalism at Tiffany’s Sweet 16…. Thank you also for the beautiful picture montage you and your staff created and all the pictures that were taken and provided to us.. We will have everlasting memories thanks to you… Wishing you much success in the future!!

  • Thank you Simon at Capital Mobile Entertainment for a fantastic job at my daughter’s wedding. Joe and Jarysel are very happy with the photos you took. We are so happy Mitch and I will also have you work our wedding. We will be in touch with future dates. Mitch and I look forward to working with you again.